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Many people are looking for New Invention Ideas that will benefit their everyday lives. These ideas could range from kits that help clean reusable sanitary pads to the Be My Eyes project, which pairs blind people with sighted volunteers. Getting your hands on these ideas can help you create new products that will benefit people in your community. Here are some ways to come up with a great new invention ideas. These ideas might be the answer to a problem you’ve been experiencing for some time.
Flo is a kit for cleaning reusable sanitary pads

The Flo kit for washing reusable sanitary pads is a great, portable alternative to a washing machine. The Flo washing system includes two bowls and a basket that spins to clean sanitary pads. The system is designed to use half the amount of detergent and water than a traditional washer, and the drying time is greatly reduced. The Flo also features a privacy cloth for discreet storage of wet and dirty pads.

The Flo sanitary pad kit is a great alternative for women who live in places without easy access to sanitary products. There are few sanitary products available in rural areas, and tampons can be expensive. While reusable pads solve many of these problems, keeping them clean can be a difficult task, especially for girls who have to hide their period. The Flo kit provides a detachable device to spin the pad dry, and a pouch for discreet storage.

Reusable sanitary pads can be used for as long as 5 years before having to be washed. In addition to being reusable, these pads are also eco-friendly. They are also machine-washable and are made in the United States. And because they are compostable, the products are much more environmentally friendly than disposable pads. The kits are also cheaper, and they are made from soft, durable cotton and super-absorbent cashmere wool.
Ooho! is a new kind of packaging made from seaweed

Ooho! is a sustainable packaging solution for liquids made of seaweed and plants. Its name comes from the sound people make when they see it. The Ooho team started their project as a student project and produced its first prototypes in their kitchen. After their video went viral, the Ooho team joined the Climate KIC accelerator, one of the biggest in Europe. They worked with chemical engineers and chemists from Imperial College London to test their product and develop a scaleable manufacturing method.

In order to make Ooho!, the founders created a machine that uses seaweed as a raw material. The machine is about the size of a vending machine and can produce up to two million Oohos a day. Their goal is to reduce the billion plastic bottles that enter the oceans every year and to eliminate 300 million pounds of carbon emissions. The company says its machines consume nine times less energy than plastic and that the technology will eventually be cost competitive with plastic.

Skipping Rocks Lab is based at Imperial College London’s enterprise lab. They are a group of students working on innovative seaweed-based packaging solutions. The team has been developing and refining their technology since 2014 and is on track to have their product available in the market. Its goal is to eliminate plastic packaging and create a new packaging solution that is completely biodegradable and edible.
Be My Eyes connects blind people with sighted volunteers

The Be My Eyes app allows visually impaired people to request sighted volunteers to help them out in everyday tasks. The volunteers can use the app to point their phone camera at an object and describe the problem to the blind person. Volunteers can also help visually impaired people solve problems and find solutions to their problems. They can connect with a sighted person in minutes, allowing both parties to solve problems in less time.

Be My Eyes is a free app that allows sighted people to help blind people in their daily lives. Volunteers can connect with the blind person through video chat or phone call. Be My Eyes connects blind people with sighted volunteers across the country. It is a good way for sighted individuals to help the blind community. Be My Eyes also provides training to sighted volunteers on how to help the blind community.

The app is available in dozens of languages and is compatible with a variety of smartphones. Sighted volunteers can use the app to help blind people with everyday tasks, including finding lost items and helping them understand colours and labels. The service is completely free, and the app even offers incentives for volunteers to help blind people. Once the application is downloaded, users can find sighted volunteers and sign up for a free trial.

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